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How to Save Any Linkedin Post directly to Notion or Google Sheets

Linkedin posts can be a treasure trove of practical tips and creative inspiration. I’ve been using Linkedin’s “Save” button to keep track of posts I couldn’t bear to forget but let’s face it… it’s where saved posts go to die. Even if you remember how

Use ChatGPT from anywhere on your phone

Use ChatGPT anywhere on your iPhone

Use ChatGPT from anywhere on your phone with this GPT iPhone Shortcut. You can use this iPhone automation to do all sorts of nifty stuff, like replying to emails or messages, translating text, or correcting typos. You can even use it in combination with other
Create Google Sheets Formulas with AI

Generate Google Sheets Formulas Automatically with AI

We've all been there - eyes glued on the spreadsheet and minds completely stumped, trying to figure out the right Excel/Google Sheets formula to get the job done. And how the hell did Index / Match work? 😩 If you follow me here or on
Create Linkedin Carousels easy way

How to Create a Linkedin Carousel the Easy Way

Want to create a Linkedin carousel but don't know how? You don't want to spend time learning a new tool to do something this simple? Well, you don't need to! Just start with what you know and love (most of the time 😅): PowerPoint, Google
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