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Save Linkedin Post Commenters to Google Sheets

Save Linkedin Post Commenters to Google Sheets in 1 click

Are you tired of endless scrolling and clicking just to save the names of people who commented on your LinkedIn posts?

Fear not, for automation magic is here to save the day (and your precious time) with just one click! πŸ”₯

With this automation, you will easily save a list of active profiles on your posts or even those of your favorite creators.

No more clicking “Load More” until your finger falls off – you can easily check all the comments and get the profiles of potential prospects who engaged with your content.

And the best part? This automation does all the heavy lifting for you! It snags the name, headline, profile link, and comments of each commenter and saves them directly to Google Sheets, Notion, or even your trusty CRM.

Here you can see how the automation works πŸ‘‡


Save Linkedin Post Commenters

To make the magic happen, you just have to:

β†’ Copy the link of the LinkedIn post
β†’ Trigger the automation in your browser
β†’ Paste the post’s link

Bam πŸ’₯ commenters saved to Google Sheets.

What to try it? Keep reading!

⚠️ Disclaimer: Linkedin doesn’t like any kind of automation, so use it at your own risk. This automation is designed to get data from one post at a time to be as “laser-focused” as possible. It runs locally in your browser and there shouldn’t be problems unless you abuse it.
If you get a third-party use alert from Linkedin, just stop using it. (I’ve used it extensively and it never happened)
As good practice, don’t save hundreds of comments of multiple post per day and, even more importantly, don’t use it to visit a ton of profiles every day or spam them! Otherwise, you seriously risk being banned.

If you’re fine with it, let’s start!


The steps are the following:

  1. Download Bardeen and create an account.
  2. Copy the automation playbook.
  3. Copy my Google Sheets template.
  4. Map the fields.
  5. Try it!
  6. (if you are a nice person) Follow me on Linkedin and subscribe to the newsletter πŸ˜„


1. Download Bardeen

Bardeen is one of my fav tool for creating automations. Unlike Zapier or Make, it runs locally in your browser. This makes it a perfect candidate for this use case.

Just click here to download the Chrome extension. Install it and create an account if you don’t have one already.

2. Copy the automation playbook

Here you have the custom playbook (aka the automation) I made:

Once done, click on “Pin it”.

Pin playbook


3. Copy my Google Sheets template

Before setting up the playbook, you need to do some Google Sheets prep work.

You database must have at least these four fields/columns:

  • Name
  • Profile Headline
  • Profile Link
  • Comments

I had to add a script that performs some data cleanup. The reason being that Linkedin’s code for the first commenters is different from the one of the subsequent ones.

For this reason the name and url of the commenters form the second “page” onwards need to be cleaned.

You’ll just have to click on the “Clean Names” button to let the script do its magic. (You’ll have to autorize it first. Don’t worry about the menacing message, the script is just cleaning the data in the sheet)

clean names google sheets

Feel free to add as many other fields/columns as you like but only after column D.

Here’s the template you can copy:


4. Map the fields

The most critical step is mapping the data of the Linkedin post to the right field.

The logic is identical to another automation I’ve done, you can watch this video at the minute 3:50 to see how to do it.

That’s it you made it, good job! πŸŽ‰


Now is time to try this black magic trick!

  • Go to your LinkedIn feed
  • Click on the (β€’β€’β€’) icon in the top right corner of one of your posts
  • Click “Copy link to post”
  • Click the Bardeen extension icon
  • Click on the playbook
  • Paste the link


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