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Save Linkedin views to Google Sheets in 1 click

Save your Linkedin Profile Views to Google Sheets automatically

Struggling to keep track of all your LinkedIn profile views or even worse, did you give it up completely?

This time-saving automation is gonna take care of it for you.

LinkedIn profile views are like hidden treasures, filled with valuable leads and networking opportunities just waiting to be discovered. But let’s face it, analyzing them on LinkedIn itself can be quite the challenge.

That’s why  I’ve designed this automation to quickly save all your profile views into Google Sheets, Notion, or even your favorite CRM in just a few seconds! No more copy/pasting and infinite scrolling.

All you need to do is visit your profile views page, run the automation, and watch as all the visitor profiles are saved effortlessly.

Ready to dive into a smarter, more effective way to capitalize on your LinkedIn profile views?

Here’s how the automation works 👇

Get Linkedin profile views

To save the people who viewed your profile you just have to:

→ Visit you profile views page
→ Run the automation

Just like that 🪄 All the visitor profiles are now saved to Google Sheets!

What to try it? Keep reading!

⚠️ Disclaimer: Linkedin doesn’t like any kind of automation, so use it at your own risk. This automation is designed to get data only your data a page you’re visiting, no background tasks, to be as narrow as possible. It runs locally in your browser and there shouldn’t be problems unless you abuse it.
If you get a third-party use alert from Linkedin, just stop using it. (I’ve used it extensively and it never happened)
As good practice, don’t run it multiple times in a day.

If you’re ok with it, let’s begin 😎


The steps are the following:

  1. Download Bardeen and create an account.
  2. Copy the automation playbook.
  3. Copy my Google Sheets template.
  4. Map the fields.
  5. Try it!
  6. (if you are a nice person) Follow me on Linkedin and subscribe to the newsletter 😄


1. Download Bardeen

Bardeen is one of my fav tool for creating automations. Unlike Zapier or Make, it runs locally in your browser. This makes it a perfect candidate for this use case.

Just click here to download the Chrome extension.

Install it and create an account if you don’t have one already.

The guys of Bardeen were so kind to give a fat 20% discount for my community. Une the code GIACOMO20.

2. Copy the automation playbook

Here you have the custom playbook (aka the automation) I made:

Once done, click on “Pin it”.

Get Linkedin Viewers screenshot


3. Copy my Google Sheets template

Before setting up the playbook, you need to do some Google Sheets prep work.

You database must have at least these four fields/columns:

  • Name
  • Profile Headline
  • Profile Link

It’s up to you if you want to add the other info that the automation collects:

  • View time
  • Profile Pic url
  • Connection Degree
  • Extra data

To show the picture image and the day of the visit you will have to use some formulas or scripts.

In the Google Sheets template you will find and example formula to show the profile image form the url.

Feel free to add as many other fields/columns as you like but only after column H.

Here’s the template you can copy:


4. Map the fields

A key step to make this automation work is mapping the data of the Linkedin profile views to the right Google Sheets fields.

This process is quite similar to another automation I’ve worked on. To see how it’s done, check out this video starting at the min 3:50.

If you open the first step of the automation in the playbook builder you will be able to set up how may pages of viewers you want to “read”. By default it’s set to 5 pages. Make sure not to pick too many, better do it several times a week rather then once with tens of pages.

Congratulations, you’ve made it! 🥳

success gif

Now it’s time to give this automation a try!


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